Our Independence Day Collection - Fourth of July Cases – Cases4Hope

Our Americana/Fourth of July Collection

This Americana-themed collection is perfect for the Fourth of July or year-round.  Packed with patriotic themes, colors and symbols, your bedroom will explode with stars, stripes and color! 

And remember: for every pillowcase you purchase, we donate a pillowcase to a child in need. It's that simple! 

What Makes our Soft Touch Pillowcases so special:
* Distinctive microfiber means sturdy, long-lasting and super soft material
* Pillow tucker feature (no more exposed pillow)
* Hypoallergenic and antimicrobial
* Brightly colored designs encourage creativity and provide comfort
* Comes in a wide range of fun, colorful and creative designs (including holiday themes)
* Adds a splash of color to any room
* Ideal for ages 2 - 12 (though grown-ups love them too!)
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